IT guy in the day, IT guy in the night

Full-stack web developer living in Hong Kong.

I have been developing web sites / apps for over a decade now primarily using Open Source Solutions to satisfy the digital needs of business. I place an emphasis on professional PHP development using the Symfony framework but, am well versed at dealing with IT demands at all levels from project management to ongoing maintenence and from grassroots to scalable infrastructure provided through continuous delivery mechanisms.

I'm curious about almost everything related to technology and am constantly researching and experimenting with how to make the wheels turn smoother, workflow more transparent for business, collaboration between teams tighter and ultimately a better experience for the end user.

I admire how technology has made the world a smaller place bringing people closer together and I want to leave the world a richer place than when I entered it

Back-end Systems

I'm intimate with PHP (although I can also work with NodeJS) and have extensively Worked with and extended frameworks such as Symfony and Code Igniter, Content Management Systems such as Wordpress and Joomla!, and working with other peoples code.

Frontend presentation

A confident creator of dynamic and responsive web apps making use of latest HTML features, CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation, and JavaScript for interaction in the form of Angular and jQuery.

DevOps / AppOps

I've been using Linux since Universitry back in 2005 (well versed with Redhat / Debian / Arch) and am able to to streamline workflow (GulpJS), environment setup (Ansible / Chef / Docker) and command code through version control (Git / SVN) whilst verifying it with automated test platforms (Jenkins)

Technology never stands still and I believe a professional should always be learning. Currently I'm researching:

Kubernetes - A fantastic platform for hosting infrastructure and projects defined by code

GoLang - Simple, reliable and efficient software. I'm looking at using GoLang to create great web APIs

Analyse and understand

Through exercising empathy, I build up an understanding of your needs and explore you want to go with your ideas. A great chance to throw ideas around and see what is most important to you. The end of this discussion is when we have agreed on a set of goals.

Design and scope

At this point, it's clear what you want to do but, not always clear how you want it. Looking at existing products in order to establish why you (and your users) like them, we create a model which shows how the product will work.

Develop and deploy

Making use of industry best practises and open source code, I create the solution in a way that maximises maintainability for you. Making use of automated test platforms and continuous integration, you'll have a fast and responsive to change app.


An undocumented project is a ship waiting to sink. I believe providing as much training and documentation as possible not only allows you to make best use of what you have, it allows you to consider what it could become in greater detail.

Communication, our greatest tool

Whether you want to connect, have a problem I can help with or simply want to drop a line, I welcome your words!